Terms of service

Last modified: March 29, 2021

  1. Duino-Coins ("DUCOs") are earned by miners with a process called mining.
  2. Mining is described as using DUCO-S1 algorithm (as explained in the Duino-Coin Whitepaper), in which finding a correct result to a mathematical problem gives the miner a reward.
  3. Mining can be officially done using CPUs, AVR boards (e.g. Arduino boards), Single-board computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi boards), ESP32/8266 boards with the usage of official miners (other officially allowed miners are described in the upper part of README).
  4. Mining on GPUs, FPGAs and other high-efficiency hardware is allowed, but using only the correct mining difficulty tiers (e.g. EXTREME).
  5. Any users using miners on difficulty not suited for their hardware (see the difficulty list) will be automatically throttled by being moved to correct difficulty tier.
  6. Any user that keeps trying to use lower difficulty than it's suited for may get temporarily blocked.
  7. Banning involves blocking the user from accessing his coins along with the removal of an account.
  8. Only coins earned legally are eligible for the exchange.
  9. Accounts may be suspended temporarily to investigate ("investigations") ToS violations ("violation" or "abuse").
  10. An exchange request made to the offical DUCO Exchange ("the offical exchange") may be delayed and/or declined during investigations.
  11. Exchange requests made to the offical exchange may be declined due to ToS violations and/or low funding.
  12. Mining with free cloud hosting services (or free VPS services - e.g. Repl.it, GitHub Actions, etc.) is not allowed as it's unfair for others.
  13. A user's DUCOs may be burnt if a violation can be proven.
  14. These terms of service can change at any time without prior notice.
  15. Having alt accounts without a rational reason (e.g. for multi-mining) are not allowed.
  16. Every user using Duino-Coin agrees to comply with the above rules.

Privacy policy

Last modified: March 21, 2021

  1. On the master server we only store usernames, hashed passwords (with the help of bcrypt), account creation dates and e-mails of users as their data.
  2. E-mails are not publicly available and are only used for contacting user when needed, confirming exchanges on the DUCO Exchange and receiving an occasional newsletter (planned for the future).
  3. Balances, transactions and mining-related data is publicly available in the public JSON APIs.
  4. The privacy policy may be changed in the future with a prior notification.

Latest updates to the terms can be always found on GitHub