Looking for verified Duino apps?

Here you can find approved Duino-Coin related apps and faucets created by the community.

Duino Stats

The original, official Discord bot made by Bilaboz

Duino Stats Mini

Official public Discord bot made by primitt and revox

Furim's services

Cloud, faucet and raffle game made by Furim

🏆 Duino Tracker

Account statistics tracker made by Mockingbird

Lukas' Dashboard

Mining dashboard and problem troubleshooter made by Lukas

Duino-Coin for Android

Android wallet made by Pripun

Duino-Coin Companion

Duino dashboard for Android made by ProtoThis

DUCO Panel

Unification of all tools & docs in a single desktop app made by Zafra

⛏ DuinoCraft

Minecraft (Java 1.16+) server ran by Johnny B. with Duino-Coin as in-game currency

Node-S exchange

Duino to PayPal and Monero exchange made by Connor2


"Yet another wallet for DuinoCoin!" made by Viktor

Duino AVR Monitor

GUI Windows App for monitoring AVR devices mining DUCO by niknak

Telegram Bot

Automatic Duino-Coin reports to your Telegram chat. Made by yosefhuang1

Wallet extension

Browser extension for viewing the web wallet. Created by MyEcoria

Duino-Coin Faucet

The official Duino-Coin Faucet made by Beyondtoshi
Note: each account can only claim once!

Furim's Faucet

Duino-Coin Faucet made by Furim

Amogus Faucet

Duino-Coin Faucet made by Ajdasz

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