A cryptocurrency that can be mined with Arduino boards.

  • supported by large number of platforms
  • friendly & growing community
  • easy to use & exchange
  • available everywhere
  • cost-effective
  • open-source

TL;DR - Why should you use Duino-Coin

You can mine it on Arduino Boards, Smartphones, Computers and Single-Board Computers and it does many things differently than other cryptos.
Mining 1 DUCO (Duino-Coin) takes ~10 minutes on typical PC.
And most importantly, it is still developing. This means that the price may go up in the future. Why not to try if it's free?

Technical specifications

Coin supply~ 350k (~ 320k left)

Block supply~ 35 million (~ 26 million left)

Premine~ 5k blocks

Block timeInstant ⚡

Current price/1 DUCO

TickerDUCO (ᕲ)

Users registered on network

AlgorithmsDUCO-S1, DUCO-S1A; PoT

What users say

Beyondtoshi (Beyondcoin Founder)

"Duinocoin presents a new type of crypto allowing even the average person to successfully mine. Duinocoin has a great and bright future, so what are you waiting for, start mining today!"


"Duino coin has potential to be a great coin with a huge advantage for education and understanding of block chain, it's the only coin with a $5-10 entry to mine with an Arduino. It's what drew me to the project."


"Its a good project for people with small resources and interest in crypto world."


"Good crypto to mine if you're interested in avr and pc mining."


"god no woudn't know what to say except gud coin"

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What is the point of Mining on Arduino?

Simply saying - because now you can. Many people have Arduinos that are just laying around waiting for better days. These days now came and watching AVR boards make money is quite satisfying.
Arduino Mining, even though significantly slower, is still profitable even when compared to PC Mining.


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